1st, January 2018

A Complete Wedding Video Package Includes More Than the Ceremony

Your wedding film should include the ceremony, of course. It's the moment you two will want to watch again and again. A wedding film doesn't have to end at that moment that the two of you exchange vows, though. Instead, it can include much more than that. Wondering what else could be part of your film? Take a look!

  • Save the Date: This is a relatively new tradition, but one that's catching on quickly. If the two of you want to do something truly memorable, you'll send out a video version of your save the date, and that can be included in your final film cut to give you truly a before, during, and after feel!
  • Entrance Videos: Who is coming in the church? In what order did they arrive? Capturing those casual groupings that occur when your favourite guests begin to arrive is often overlooked, but it's a great way to tell the story of who attended your ceremony, when they arrived, and catch the harried, late guest who didn't even know there was a camera outside filming every move!
  • Essential Interviews: What if you could capture the thoughts of almost everyone who attended your wedding, but didn't come through the reception line? What if you knew what your great aunt was thinking just before she sat down to watch you take your vows? If you include interviews in your wedding film, you might just get a chance to hear from your guests that you wouldn't ordinarily manage to capture.
  • Classic Before Traditions: What happened before the wedding? What traditions did you bring in from your family or your heritage that you'd like to make part of your story? Having your cinematographer include those is an excellent way to make sure you get a start to finish picture of your special day.
  • The Wedding Breakfast: Whether you're having a traditional wedding breakfast or something that looks more like a U.S. rehearsal dinner, it's part of your love story, and it should be part of your film too!
A wedding film doesn't have to focus on the moment you two look into each other's eyes and promise to spend the rest of your lives together. Instead, it can include every ounce of your story. To learn more about how we work to craft the perfect wedding film, contact us today.