31st, July 2017

Destination Weddings Make the Perfect Stories

Destination weddings are nothing short of absolutely amazing. They're a beautiful way to begin your new life together, but there's another benefit to these unique weddings. They make for amazing storytelling when it comes to your wedding cinematography. Wondering why? Take a look.

More Photo Ops

Perhaps one of the best reasons destination weddings offer a great story is the background itself. No matter where you're headed, you know there are many great places to shoot something spectacular. If you stay at home, the hotel banquet room where you have your reception is pretty limiting when it comes to backgrounds. The ocean or the Italian countryside, though, offer limitless opportunities to get shots with a jaw-dropping background.

More Intimacy

Not all of your guests can attend a destination wedding. Only those closest to you will likely attend, and that means a chance to really spend time with those you love. That will come through in the film of your wedding. Those tender moments with your big sister, the glance back at your grandfather, the touching few seconds with your college roommate - it's all far more likely to make it to the final cut when every shot really matters.

Less Stress

When you feel good, it's going to show on that final cut, and destination weddings, by their very nature, mean a stress-free experience. Who wants to watch a wedding film that shows your exasperated side? Instead of incorporating stress into this once-in-a-lifetime storytelling experience, you may want to consider a destination wedding that might mean showing the real you at your happiest.

It's the Perfect Start

You're about to spend the rest of your lives together, and both of you have hopes and dreams you're bringing into this relationship. Why not begin the story of your lives in a location that fulfills some of those hopes and dreams? Why not give your wedding film a chance to literally capture chapter 1 of those dreams being fulfilled? Destination weddings can do that in a way traditional ceremonies just can't.

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