30th, August 2017

The Perfect Way to Capture Your Story

Television creator Steven Moffat once wrote for a character, "We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?" It's a simple expression, but one that captures the truth of human nature. We are all stories, and our uniqueness means that we all have an amazing story to build throughout the course of our lives. A big part of that story for so many people is the relationship that defines them. The one connection that helps join them to their better halves - their wedding day. At H.O.M Productions, we understand that you have a story to tell that is unlike any other couple, and our wedding cinematography work in and around London works to capture that story, creating a unique film that you'll treasure in the years to come.

Our Philosophy

You've spend months (maybe even years) pouring over every detail of your wedding. From the venue to the dress to the food, it has eaten a good portion of your life trying to decide the simple details of the ceremony. The final production, though, can only really be captured once, and when it is, you want that to be done in the perfect manner. That's where we come in. With more than a decade of experience crafting films that truly change the way wedding cinematography is created, we want you to re-experience your big day on screen with the same emotions you had at the time. All of our films preserve the emotion and sentiment involved in the day because our work is as much an heirloom as any other piece of your wedding.

So, How Did You Fall In Love?

It's a common enough question for couples to answer, but capturing the truth of the story, the journey that led the two of you to your big day, and the event itself isn't easy to create on screen. Our work, though, is the perfect way to relay your story to the generations to come. Contact us today to learn more.