30th, November 2017

The Shape of Creativity

Your wedding day will be one of the busiest of your entire life. There is so much to consider, both in the lead-up to the big day and on the day itself. There are likely to be so many things going through your mind from what you're wearing to the music to the caterers to your Great Uncle Albert who may not be able to arrive on time. The last thing we want you to worry about is the cinematography that will help offer a new level to your story. After all, you want your film to be a true visual depiction of the two of you that you will remember in the years to come.

What the creation of that very real product looks like, though, can vary extensively. That's why one of our biggest suggestions for every potential client is to remain flexible.

Let the Story Progress

Wondering what it means to remain flexible throughout? It's a tough concept, but the real idea here is that you aren't thinking about David and Katie's wedding last year where the cinematographer had teen shooters instead of just eight or the wedding your cousin's boyfriend went to where they had a crane in place to shoot the vows.

Emotions can run high, especially when you're under so much stress. This is an important day, and it's easily the most important film you'll ever have made. The reality, though, is that you choose a cinematography team based on their ability to tell great stories. Every story is different. Every one calls for different techniques and tools based on the action, the people, and even the setting. Flexibility often means understanding that your team will make sure that story is told, and sometimes that means not using a crane or ten shooters. Sometimes, it means something completely different for your wedding.

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