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1st, January 2018

A Complete Wedding Video Package Includes More Than the Ceremony

Your wedding film should include the ceremony, of course. It's the moment you two will want to watch again and again. A wedding film doesn't have to end at that moment that the two of you...

1st, December 2017

Capturing Your Story: How Long Should Your Film Run?

Your wedding day is one of the single most important of your life; it marks a new chapter, and there are endless stories to be told. Capturing this day - and the real love story that led ...

30th, November 2017

The Shape of Creativity

Your wedding day will be one of the busiest of your entire life. There is so much to consider, both in the lead-up to the big day and on the day itself. There are likely to be so many ...

30th, October 2017

My Budget is Tight; Is a Wedding Cinematographer Really Necessary?

Many couples find themselves coming up a bit short when it comes to the wedding budget, and for good reason. The average cost of a UK wedding just topped £27,161, so it can be tough to...

30th, September 2017

The Right Wedding Cinematographer Really Does Matter

If you're like most who are ready to tie the knot, you've probably been working hard to get everything organised for your big day. One of the decisions you'll have to make soon is who ...

30th, August 2017

The Perfect Way to Capture Your Story

Television creator Steven Moffat once wrote for a character, "We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?" It's a simple expression, but one that captures the truth of h...

31st, July 2017

Destination Weddings Make the Perfect Stories

Destination weddings are nothing short of absolutely amazing. They're a beautiful way to begin your new life together, but there's another benefit to these unique weddings. They make f...

30th, June 2017

Interviewing a Cinematographer

You're trying to choose a great wedding cinematographer. London offers a number of options, but how do you choose between them? Interviewing those on your shortlist is really the best ...