H.O.M Productions - The Story Tellers

Luxury Wedding Videography, Cinematography & Photography Services

Our unobtrusive and discrete style will always ensure that we capture spontaneous and natural footage. Our goal is to exceed the standards for the highest quality production available for everyone.

At H.O.M Productions we approach every couples story with care and do our upmost to understand the emotions that make your story personal. Every project we take is approached with the same passion and focus. Each film we create is a totally unique, where we strive to create that timeless piece of art that can be cherished for years to come and pushes the boundaries far beyond the standards of traditional videography.

Our crew is always discreet and professional on the day, working together efficiently and ensuring we work harmoniously with all other service providers who are contributing to your special day. To accommodate everyone we have a versatile price range, so that our exceptional service is available to all.

Cinematic Storytelling
Cinematic documentary storytelling captured by our skilled filmmakers, packages are customised to suit your specific events. All of our packages are created and quoted on a custom basis as we want to understand what you want us to deliver so we can capture your story in its own unique manner. Please contact us as soon as possible for a customised quote and availability.
Original Concept Films
This is where we tell your complete story - this is not just focused on us documenting the events on the day - this is where we understand the little things and then work with you to capture the entire story from the moment it began. This is a detailed and complex process and we have to make sure all elements are considered so please contact us as soon as possible.
Destination Weddings
All destination weddings allow us to expand with all aspects of your story, and it allows for us to be bold and take things further time permitting, therefore a number of final delivery options are available and will be considered with appropriate budgeting for event coverage. Also please note that destination stories require additional logistical considerations and all travel expenses paid.